D = diode
L = inductor
Pc =power
C =capacitor
PD =power diodes / diode
PL =power inductor
PQ =power transistor
PR =power resistor
PU =power integrated circuit
Q =transistor
R =resistor
U =integrated circuit
X =terminal strips , terminations , joins
Y =crystal=crystal clock oscylator
AC = alternating current
ACDRV = ac adapter to system - switch driver output
ACN = adapter current sense negatif
ACP = adapter current sense positif
ACOP = onput over - power portection
ACOV = input overvoltage protection
ALWP = always on powe+b : ac power rail or bat for power
circuit batt : batterybom : bill off materials management
BT = buttonchgen : charge action-low enable input logic
CIN = input capacitor
CLK_EN= clkock enabl
CON = conector
CRT = cathod ray tube
DC = direct current
DM = dim/dim socket/socket memory/jack
DDRDOCK = docking socket
EMI = electromagnetic interference
GND = ground
GP = ground pinh
ID = continuous drain current
DM= pulsed drain current
IIN = operating supply current
IN(SHDN) = shutdown supply current
IIN(STBY) = standby supply current
IS = continuous source current at vin pin
JP = jumper point
LCDV = lcd powerl
GATE = lower-side mosfet gate signal
LPC = low pin count
LVDS = low-voltage differential signaling>>system pensignalan
MBAT = main battery
ODD = output disk drive
PCI = peripheral component interconnect
PGOOD = power good open - drain output
PIR = improved product record
PVCC = positive power supply
ICRTC = real time clock
THRM = thermal sensor
TP = test point
TPAD = thermal pad
UVLO = input undervoltage lock-out
+V = pwr more (+3v=more than 3volt) vadj = output voltage regulation
VALW = always on power
VALWP = valw padvbat : pattery power
VCCP = power chip >>ich , graphic chips
VCORE = power processore
VDD = control power supply
VDDR = power ddr
VDS = drain source voltage
VFB = feedback inputs power
VGS = gate voltage source
SVIN = input voltage range
VIN = adaoter power supply
VL = power lock
VLDOIN = power supply of the vtt and vttref output stage
VOT = volt-out
VRAM= power random acses memory
VREF = power references/schema reference/demand
VS+ = voltage support
VSB = power switch button
VSS = signal ground
VSW = power switch
VUSB = usb power/voltage usb
V V G A = power vga